My ORIGINAL glass poppy is about 10-13 inches in diameter and consists  of 3 glass layers:  petal, stamen, and cabochon button (hides the head of the screw which secures the glass into the copper tubing).  

The BUD (smallest) poppy is  5-7 inches in diameter (resembling a rounded, opening poppy) and consists of 2 glass layers: petal and cabochon button. 

The UNDER THE SEA BUD is the same as BUD POPPY, but has an aquatic impression on the petals(SeaStars, clams, coral reef).

The SMALL poppy is 8.5-9.5 inches in diameter and consists of 3 glass layers: petal, stamen, and cabochon button. 

The DOUBLE poppy is 10-13 inches in diameter, but consists of 4 glass layers: 2 petals, stamen, and cabochon button. 

The color options are: orange, tangerine (light orange), dark 
orange, red, and lemon.  I've also started doing some specialty 
poppy colors (i.e. The blue Himalayan poppy and Aqua).
I can create most any color. 

The poppies are supported by copper tubing stems 
which are flexible and adjustable.