Memorial Ashes Glass Art

To honor a cherished life …
and keep your loved one forever close.

Allow us to create a beautiful remembrance of your loved one, using sacred ashes in any of our glass designs. Your loved one’s remains will become a work of glass art … forever brilliant and unchanging. Small enough to move from room to room or home to home, whether you place it indoors or outdoors, underwater or on dry ground.

You choose the color or colors, from a wide range of brilliant color options available, whether monochromatic or multicolor. You choose the vessel design – sea life (sea star, sand dollar, scallop, sea snail, conch, sea horse), animals (dog paw, turtle, frog, lizard), paperweights (heart or pyramid), necklace pendants (heart, flower, peace sign), Buddha head, or remembrance ribbon.   Larger art pieces can also be created, such as basins/bowls and shadow boxes.  The ashes will become part of the glass vessel created for you.

We are able to use human ashes as well as ashes from animals.  The ashes look like fine salt crystals when encased in the glass.  Photos are available if requested.  Pricing list with dimensions are available upon request.  

                                   For inquiries, please contact Marcus Harper GlassWorks: 

                                            telephone253-517-8130 or 602-750-0979